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What is the aligning roller of conveyor belt

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Update time : 2022-09-22 19:02:32
Aligning roller is an essential component in the operation of the conveyor belt, so what is the main role of aligning roller in the end? Here is to introduce the role of the aligning roller.
1. Foreign development of centering roller technology: Since foreign countries have given priority to our country in the industrial development, the technology development of centering roller is very fast, especially in the function of centering roller, foreign functions of centering roller must belong to more and wider domestic and wider application scope. At present, large aligning idlers in long distance, large volume and conveyor belt are the main direction of the development of aligning idlers technology. The main technology is the dynamic analysis and monitoring of aligning idlers, which greatly improves the operation performance and reliability of aligning idlers.
2, coal mine is one of the main use of large equipment, in the type of large-scale equipment, the development of technical parameters and equipment is very important. In ORDER TO meet THE HIGH production OF up to 3 to 5 million tons per year, the application of dynamic analysis technology and mechatronics and computer monitoring technology is very important. The real-time monitoring of the conveyor is conducive to the normal operation of the conveyor and can effectively prevent the occurrence of major problems in the conveyor, improve the operation performance and transportation efficiency of the conveyor in production.
3, aligning roller kind of multi-machine collaborative drive, intermediate drive and power balance and variable operation and other technologies, so that the conveyor single operation usually has a certain limit in length, at the same time can ensure the universality of conveying equipment, replacement and part of the unit drive reliability.
4. Part of the allocating idlers adopt the technology of liquid-viscosity differential velocity or the variable frequency speed regulating device, whose operation capacity can reach up to 3000T /h, mainly because of the use of new and reliable key components. For example, CST and other high-power driving device, high life high speed roller and fast self moving tail.
Through the above introduction of the various functions of the conveyor belt aligning idler, we must have a certain understanding of the use of the aligning idler.
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Sep .26.2022
There are many kinds of conveyor belt, and there are many kinds of colors. The conveyor belt has a wide range of applications, and because the color will be liked by more users, but the conveyor belt will easily become dirty, and it needs to be cleaned frequently. Then how should the conveyor belt be cleaned more routinely?

The production workshop of the conveyor belt needs to go through a series of cleaning work before production. Some plastic paper and other things will be spread on the ground of the workshop to prevent the conveyor belt from being stained with dust or other dirty things.

But in the process of production, there is still some dust or any other waste debris. If you get it, how do you clean it up?

In general, it can be wiped clean with a wet rag. If you encounter some places that can't be wiped off, you need to use some chemicals to wipe. No melted rubber can be dissolved in benzene, can use cotton or towel dipped in benzene to wipe, must pay attention to: benzene is flammable, is also easy to volatilize, when using must pay attention to safety, do not close to the open flame.

After the conveyor belt is wiped with benzene, the conveyor belt will be clean again, very beautiful.
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Bucket elevator conveyor belt in the process of use often appear glue surface damage, glue surface damage after the conveyor belt there is no way to use normally, and even affect the service life of the conveyor belt, how should we avoid bucket elevator conveyor belt glue surface damage?

1. Reduce the large impact on the conveyor belt

The drop design of the transportation system is relatively large, the direction of coal flow is unreasonable, there are many large pieces of material in the material, it is possible to cause impact on the conveyor belt in the process of transportation, the surface of the conveyor belt of the bucket elevator produces a lot of pits, so that the rubber surface of the conveyor belt damage.

2. Do not touch high temperature materials

When the slag and coal of the boiler room are transported by the conveyor belt, the slag and coal without cooling will melt the covering glue on the surface of the conveyor belt and aggravate the abnormal wear on the surface of the conveyor belt. The sparks generated by electric welding and gas cutting will also have an impact on the glue surface of the conveyor belt.

3 bucket elevator conveyor belt quality

In the process of making the conveyor belt, the adhesive force of the adhesive material is not enough, the process is defective or a certain process is not strict. Under the reaction force of friction force, the covering glue is gradually peeled off on the conveyor belt, and there may be tearing when it is serious.

In a word, in order to reduce the phenomenon of damage to the rubber surface of the conveyor belt of bucket elevator, special attention is needed in production and use, and the conveyor belt of good quality should be purchased when buying, and the regular manufacturer should be purchased as far as possible. In the process of use, pay attention to the use of details, to ensure the standard operation.
This paper introduces the conveyor belt of bucket elevator with common structure This paper introduces the conveyor belt of bucket elevator with common structure
Sep .22.2022
Bucket elevator conveyor belt is more common in industry, and they can be said to be used in a lot of fields. For example, it is easy to find them in coal, mining, chemical industry, electricity and so on. From here we can know that its role is relatively large. Here is a brief talk about the most simple ordinary structural bucket elevator conveyor belt in this.

The ordinary structural bucket elevator conveyor belt is actually used by the tensile body is also a certain new structure, and has high strength in the stretch, and the characteristics of good grooving. And in the process of use, need to elongate the length is relatively small, and especially suitable for some need longer distance, large quantities of conveying materials, if you can use such materials, will also improve the speed.

Of course, the steel wire inner core of the new structure used in the production of the ordinary structural bucket elevator conveyor belt also has certain advantages, and the core glue can have enough space to penetrate into each place between the wires. And because of its existence, the adhesive degree of rubber and wire rope will be enhanced. And rust such a situation can also be effectively avoided.

And as long as such material is added, then in fact, there is a reduction of some mutual shearing or twisting state between the strands. And in the process of use but the latter can its fatigue resistance performance is also better, so for bucket elevator conveyor belt life is very favorable.
The role of various idler accessories The role of various idler accessories
Sep .22.2022
We have understood the type and use of white conveyor belt idlers, but do you know the specific role of each accessory in the idler? Here is to introduce the specific role of different roller accessories.

1. A good conveyor belt idler should be able to withstand a certain impact force, so as to support the normal operation of the idler. The part that can play such a role in the idler accessories is the idler stamping bearing seat.

2, one of the components that determine the service life of the roller - buffer roller, bearing is an important part of the roller, its quality can even play a decisive factor for the service life of the roller.

3. In order to achieve the effect of dustproof and waterproof, the sealing of roller is the key step. Sealing materials are generally divided into polyethylene and nylon two kinds. The price of polyethylene is relatively low. But its wear performance is relatively poor, the price of nylon is relatively higher, at the same time, its wear performance is improved than polyethylene.

4, roller accessories in the nylon roller shaft can be simply divided into two categories, one is cold drawn steel shaft, the other is the ladder shaft.

5. Rubber roller clamping spring is used to fix and string the roller, which is mainly made of spring steel.

6. For the fixing of the parts in the idler, the baffle ring is generally used. The baffle ring can effectively fix the parts on the shaft.

Conveyor belt idler accessories play an important role in the operation of idler can not be ignored, but also can bring different performance to the idler, the above mentioned various idler accessories we all understand?